Covid 19 - Corona virus

Dear All, We all are facing an extraordinary and unique challenge. The Covid 19 - Corona virus pandemic affects us - our families, our friends, our companies, but above all, has challenged our way of life. It is very important to us at this point to inform you how we at PREGO see the situation and how we deal with it

For PREGO, the most important thing now is to find the right and responsible way for the health of our customers, employees and the people. Our vision has always been to provide the best support to our customer and we endeavour to continue during this uncertain situation. We believe that our Prego team with our cooking equipments can participate in building the road towards a more promising future and help combat in this dire situation; in hospitals, Canteens, and other food manufacturing camps.

  • Our Applications team is available now for assisting you on the knowledge of the equipments. They can be reached on our usual numbers.
  • Our plants have started operations and equipments are getting ready. However, due to the current restrictions in transportation, there might be some delay.

We wholeheartedly pray for your well-being during this unusual situation. Please let us knowif there is an opportunity to supportyou at info@prego.co .

We are in this together.

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